New Year's First Update for The Elder Scrolls Online Released

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New Year's first update for The Elder Scrolls Online has been posted by Zenimax Online Studios. The update's first part is the answers by the developers to their "Ask Us Anything" series for the Daggerfall Covenant, fielding a number of questions relating to the lore of the Daggerfall Covenant ranging from the backstory of its factions, religious differences, and their perception of each other.

Will the religious differences within the three races, particularly those of the Orcs and Redguards, be emphasized? Will there be Daedra-worshipping cults? – By Emmy Mariner
Political alliances and enmities can either mitigate or exaggerate religious differences. The leaders of the Covenant are eager to suppress religious conflicts between Bretons, Redguards, and Orcs in the interest of solidarity. And Orcish leaders, such as King Kurog, emphasize that the Orcs of Orsinium worship Mauloch, who absolutely isn’t a Daedric Prince at all, honest. It’s those other Orcs who worship the Daedra Lord Malacath.

Read the full Q&A here for all the details.

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