Horrible MMORPG facts: When sequels kill the whole game franchise

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The first thing it comes to our minds when we hear the word 'sequel', it’s for sure something related to movies, that indeed was made to keep the saga alive, and let the fans feel that there’s a lot be expected in the next films. Anyhow, it’s also a fact that sequels are also a common habitude in the gaming scene. Consequently, successful games commercially speaking of, always had an installment based on the first ones at times which had a clear objective: Expand the whole franchise with a new universe or world, characters, areas and classes.

In fact, this matter turned into a common thing in the online gaming world, leading to an uncountable number of Mmorpgs that actually had a sequel, but that in many cases failed to deliver. As a result, several companies stopped producing games because they ended up broke with an angry sour of failure in their mouths. And, that’s what we will talk about this time: gaming sequels that didn’t achieve successfulness and that were expected to be better than the original but failed miserably.

5) Asda Story - Asda Revolution 2

Anime based Mmorpgs are the most popular types of games that are seen in the industry. And Asda Story was in fact another one of those which pooped up back in 2008, featuring a great quest based story, a soulmate system (which was one of the most known features), average graphics, a friendly interface and a community that was growing as days passed by.
The soulmate system was an innovative way of including dating in Mmorpgs; plus it had an option which let players level their partners even when they were offline. All in all, Asda story turned to be popular for a while, although it didn’t have anything special or worthy to look at, besides the so called dating system.
For this reason, the game was shut down on august, 2010. Since, it started to be a ghost town and people stopped playing it. Following its closure, it was announced by Gamecampus (the company who still keeps it live), that Asda would come back revamped and totally polished.

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