Gundam Online Released New Trailer Before Launch

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Entered open beta on Dec.19th, Gundam Online has been so popular recently. Touted as the biggest Gundam game ever developed with over 100 player-controlled mobile suits in the same battlefield, Namco Bandai has released a new trailer announcing the commercial service for Gundam Online.

The Free-to-Play MMO scene in Japan is certainly heating up in recent months, with several titles released and more scheduled for 2013.  Gundam Online will feature 104 players on the same field, with half representing Earth Federation and the other representing Republic of Zeon. The camera view for this game is locked at TPS (third person shooter) mode.

An interesting feature will be selected players becoming commanders on the battlefield, with the abilities to send out spy drones, call for resupplies and more. These commanders are actual characters from the Gundam series, such as Char Aznable. Different commanders will have different abilities. Finally, the machines are separated into 5 types: Strike, Heavy, Sniper, Cannon (nuke) and Support. All of them can be configured with new parts.
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