Top 10 Companies Take 48% of $68bn Global Games Market

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Analysis by Newzoo, the independent games market research firm, of the results of the top 25 publicly listed companies by games revenues, shows the top 10 will take 48% of the $68 billion market in 2012. The top 25 will gross approximately two thirds. The analysis confirms that the global market is on track to grow 7% this year, and is expected to continue growing at the same pace in 2013, with underlying growth rates per region and market segment showing strongly different numbers.


Top 10 companies to generate $32.6 billion in 2012

The analysis also shows that global games revenues generated by the top 10 publicly listed companies reached $20 billion in the first nine months of 2012,excluding hardware. Revenues by the top 25 reached $29.8 billion in the same period. Given the traditionally strong fourth quarter, the top 10 is expected to generate $32.6 billion in total for the full calendar year, representing a share of 48% of the $68 billion global games market. The top 25 is expected to generate $46.4 billion, approximately a two thirds share of the total global games market revenues.


Calendarized quarterly game revenues for top 25 companies available online

In order to facilitate benchmarking and provide insight into growth trends, Newzoo will publish quarterly games revenue figures and estimates for the top 25 publicly listed  game companies on its website for free. A service that is lacking in the market  at the moment. The estimates will be regularly updated as new information is released by companies. The data is based on analysis of calendarized annual and quarterly financial reports of the universe of relevant publicly listed companies.  A complete overview of 2011 and 2012 quarterly results can now be found in the rankings section at



Thijs Hagoort, Co-founder of Newzoo, comments: " The current growth trends are well illustrated by Japanese mobile gaming companies GREE and DeNA , who continue to report strong growth, albeit with the help of acquisitions. The same goes for the Chinese companies, who continue to benefit from strong local demand for online games as well as a number of successful investments."


Peter Warman, CEO of Newzoo, adds: "Financial analysis has always been part of our activities. Up until now for internal use or to mix in with consumer insights and transactional data analysis performed for our clients. I am proud that we have been able to add another practical and useful overview to our broad portfolio of freely available insights aimed at providing the total picture on a scale that matches the needs of our clients. And there needs are clearly global."


Newzoo, founded in 2007, is the international research and analysis firm focused purely on the global games market. It provides its clients with primary consumer research, transactional data and financial analysis to keep track of the total picture and put changes in the market into perspective. Newzoo’s clients include PerfectWorld, Wizards of the Coast, EA, Plantronics, Incomm, SEGA, Konami, Blizzard, GlobalCollect, EA, GameHouse, Microsoft and SpilGames.

Source: Newzoo

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