SWTOR Addresses Concerns on Cartel Market Ship Gear

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Star Wars: The Old Republic's Game Update 1.6 Ancient Hypergate went live this week and brought with it a number of new content additions, including the eponymous new warzone and a set of heroic space combat missions. But what really seemed to hit a nerve with many players was the addition of new Grade 7 ship gear appearing on the Cartel Marketplace for a relatively cheap price when compared to the amount of time it takes to farm commendations for the in-game gear.



Lead Designer Damion Schubert offered a response to players about the issue, explaining that there was an unintentional disparity in the two prices, and that solutions are being looked at.


Unfortunately, there is, in fact, a great disparity between these two costs. We want to apologize for this, as there was a miscommunication internally on how valuable these upgrades were, how challenging they should be to earn, and how fast a player should be able to earn them.

We are currently looking at solutions that cause the least amount of frustration for all players affected, while keeping the integrity of both the Cartel Market and the game intact.

It is not our intent to make the Cartel Market the "way to play" the game—we want you to feel that both the Cartel Market and earning gear in game are viable options as far as value goes, neither being far more efficient or effective than the other.

We truly hope you enjoy the challenge of the new Heroic Space Missions and apologize again for what we hope is a small distraction.

I want to reiterate that we are actively looking at solutions and they will be communicated to you as soon as we have a solid plan.

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