Gear up for Regulos in RIFT Game Update 2.1

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Regulos is coming, and he has a colossal, annihilating axe to grind with the Ascended. Starting Dec. 12, raiders can face off with the Destroyer in a 20-player raid that spans the planes of existence.

The new raid included in RIFT 2.1, Eternal Eclipse, chronicles the Queen of Storms' flight from Frozen Tempest and pits Ascended against Regulos at the threshold of Telara. While celebrating victories against the Storm Legion during festive Fae Yule, players will be tasked with the unimaginable –journeying to the Plane of Death and claiming final victory against the Destroyer himself.

RIFT 2.1 Includes:

  • 20-player raid: Eternal Eclipse
    Plunge into Shapers Citadel, a flesh-and-blood fortress of endless horror. Its ancient evils guard a portal to the Plane of Death, where you’ll come face to face with Regulos in a showdown with cosmic repercussions.
  • Chronicle: A Hero Rises
    As the Guardians and Defiant assault Crucia’s frozen citadel, she launches a vicious counter-attack against Tempest Bay. Take to metal and magic goliaths to battle her troops, airships, and a doomsday device that threatens the Ascended with permanent death.

Fae Yule World Event
Grandfather Frost and the Fae are at it again, spreading decorations – and no small amount of mischief – across Telara. Join the festivities and collect seasonal Dimension items, including a set of special gifts that will be revealed throughout the month!

March on Strom Legion
Trion Worlds is inviting former Rift players to login between December 14, at 12:00am PST to December 20, at 11:59pm to experience the entire game and Storm Legion expansion for free! Former Rift players who have yet to experience the massive Storm Legion expansion including Dimensions are encouraged to login during this promotional period.

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