SWTOR Seeks Player Feedback for F2P Option

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Star Wars: The Old Republic Executive Producer Jeff Hickman has posted a new blog to solicit more feedback from the community on the MMORPG's free-to-play model.

Since the launch of the new business model last month, BioWare has made some changes to help ease restrictions on the free and preferred players of SWTOR. Some of those changes include the addition of 2 additional Quickbars for preferred status players for a total of 4 and the refunding of any Cartel Coins that those players used to purchase the same Quickbars, a reduction in the Cartel Market Items bind timer and an increase in the number of available weekly warzones from 3 to 5.

Hickman expressed the importance of community feedback to help further enhance and refine the model, and has asked players to offer their thoughts on how SWTOR can be improved while adding a couple of other improvements that preferred status and subscription players will be getting in the future.

Source: tentonhammer

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