First Impression on Global Test of Call of Duty Online

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Game Name: "Call of Duty Online" (CODOL)

Game Type: First-person online shooting game

Game Developer: American Activision

Game Operator: Tencent Game

Test Type: First test

Picture Type: 3D

Game Description: "Call of Duty Online" (CODOL) is an online shooting game developed by American Activision, based on the COD PC game series. This game is operated for the first time in China by leading Chinese internet company - Tencent. In an effort to answer questions from many players, I conducted especially deep research into this game and came up with the following results that will help you to know more about CODOL.

American Activision has declared to the public that CODOL will be a high-standard game product which not only inherits all the essences of the Call of Duty PC games but also has new story and new elements added.

Professional story setting, as excellent as Call of Duty on the PC

As we all know, the stories in the Call of Duty series has always been setting the standard in the industry. Its wonderful story makes players feel like they are in a real war movie when playing and this feature is also inherited well by CODOL. There are 3 story tasks in the first test version; "Action Alpha," "New barrack," "Place of air crash" and "brothers". For any player who knows Call of Duty well, nothing can be more exciting than becoming one of the 141 Special Forces.

In the story of "New Barrack", we are going to become new recruits in the 141 Special Forces, getting to know thoroughly about game operation. "Place of air crash" is also a first-stage story task; the new recruit, played by the player, will execute the task with the help of a ghost who we will follow in search of intelligence in the place of air crash, eliminating enemies and completing a small explosion mission. "Brothers" is a middle-stage story task and requires players to work together in a 2-person team. In this stage of the story, we will play with Feizao. After experiencing the style of the story, I am sure that "together with the greatest warriors" is definitely true; fighting side by side with these great warriors definitely made me enjoy the original "Call of Duty".

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