ChangYou Announces New MMO - Project S

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ChangYou announced its own sandbox MMORPG Project S out of the blue, which is currently entering a Technical Test phase. The slogan of the game is "Who will the world change for".



As a Western fantasy game built by ChangYou's self-developed engine and aimed at the international market, Project S has several features a true sandbox title would have. Although still in the development phase, here are some of the features currently listed:

  1. Each single area is 100,000 square meter big, 3 times the size of any current online games.
  2. Over 2,000 different plant designs in the game.
  3. Up to 24 areas each with its own unique design, 4 times more than most online games.
  4. Game view can go up till 1,800 meter from players' perspective.
  5. Game engine designed for both low and high end systems.
  6. Building houses, castles, forming towns and farming are all part of the game.
  7. Carriers such as flying warships can be built.


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