Rift - Warfront Daily Quest Overview and Opinions

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With the introduction of the Storm Legion expansion came about a new "Random Warfront" system for joining warfronts, and as part of that a new daily bonus quest was created. This, much like the daily bonus quest for dungeons, is restored at a rate of one quest a day, and you can bank up to 7 at a time. But what does all of this mean for those who want to progress quickly?

When taking a first look at the system, it appears as if there's an obvious benefit in utilizing the randomized warfronts. But before we look at how this may or may not be true, let's look at what the bonuses are.

  • Warfront Equipment Cache
  • 97,020 Experience
  • 92g43s
  • 1,610 Favor
  • 2,520 Prestige

The Warfront Equipment Cache has gear that's great for PvE, and will often offer upgrades if you haven't already been geared up with Storm Legion items.

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