Clans of The Magic Blade Online Revealed

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The Magic Blade Online was revealed over the weekend at Tencent Games Carnival 2012, and several famous personality from the Chinese film industry act as the game's consultants. Although little information was shown during the TGC2012, there are some confirmed details.

The Magic Sword Online will be featuring 8 different clans, although only 5 are officially announced now.

Tai Bai: Think of it as the Wudang of this game, sword wielding orthodox clan:

Tian Xiang: Mixing music, medical skills into martial arts:

Tang Clan: Armed with hidden weapons and ability to control mannequins:

Five Poison: Assassins using poison:

Shaolin: Not much mentioned, the usual monk image holding a staff:

The other 3 clans are Zhen Wu, Shen Wei and Beggar Sect. The former 2 sounds unfamiliar, since they are not really common in most martial arts media such as movies or dramas. The Beggar Sect should be familiar to you all. The posters below represents the first 5 revealed clans in order.


According to the media, the land mass in The Magic Blade Online is 18 times bigger than that of The Elder Scrolls v: Skyrim's. The maximum in-game sight view distance is at 2,300 meters, 20 times more than most games. There are now 2,200 different types of plants designed, with 17 different environment designs. Impressive!

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