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Before I entered the game, I have check out the introduction and some articles about Sevencore which is a blend MMO of science fiction and fantasy. It features a unique emphasis on mounts, offering players the chance to ride both animals and mechanical variants. When I came across this screenshot, I made my determination to try this game!


Not only one pet with you! You can have a pet troop! Cool!


I think the most interesting part of Sevencore should be the pet or mount system. Pets play a critical role in the development of your character. They are also of great help during difficult PvE and PvP battles. Here is my exciting experience how I got my first mount.


I chose Aimon race, the gunner class. Amion is a small and peaceful race with nature. When they aren't in battle, 5% of maximum health is restored every 5 seconds with Beast Mounts energy increased by 3% when mounted.


So cute, right? I wonder when and where she will wear a bikini.


After a video, I landed in the Lost Island which was the first location of my journey. It was the training ground for new recruits to join the war against the Amaad. I trained myself for battle against the Amaad and other beings in the world. It cost a short period of time to level up from 1 to 10.


Press N key to show Transparent Map. It is very convenient and useful when exploring an open world.



User Interface Guide


When completing quests in the Lost Island, I wondered when I would have my first pet egg. After the quests, I left for Delos without a pet. However, I had several chances to ride on a mount or get a pet egg. I felt excited about that!


Quest: To The Expedition: Head southwest to Expedition Post riding a Boar which lasts 5 minutes. You can actually level up this mount and gain Mount level points. When the time is up and the boar dies, you can give up the quest and run back to get the quest again and receive another Lv 1 boar. In this way you can actually gain mount levels without the need to buy many mounts in the future to get your mount level titles.


Quest: Riding Battle - Take a Raptor mount and use his special abilities to clear out some Maggot. Wait, not some, 5 maggots, and 50 baby maggots!



Redhorseex, what are you doing? Make a proposal?? No, no, I don't like a flower. I want a MOUNT! Can't you see Malevolent's?



Honey, you really got a mount for me?! No, not for me?! Well, please, leave me alone.



Later I got the same mount from the quest: Riding Battle. A wise woman must first be an independent woman.


Quest:Raptors Egg – Collect Mutant Raptors Egg. I was repentant for keeping on the quest after I collected an egg. Maybe I could get my first pet egg early.


Quest: Spy Search - Investigate the path to the airfield for any hidden spies. Use the summoned Bat to unveil the Amaad Spy.

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