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Recently we didn't get so much information about the hot Korean MMORPG Cabal II which is currently in open beta, now has made a new interview with Cabal II's developer ESTsoft to give us more detail about the game, especially about the PvP content. Now let's check out some of the questions from MMO culture.

Q: The combat and animations in Cabal II seems mild compared to its predecessor's. Is there a change in design philosophy?

A: Cabal II has different design aspects compared to Cabal, hence the change in combat. Cabal was meant to be an entry-level game (easy for gamers to get in), with focus on personal combat. Hence, there were many AOE attacks, something similar to Dynasty Warriors.
The philosophy for Cabal II is to allow players who have progressed from that entry-level and want to experience a more immersed gameplay. Therefore, parties will see the roles of tanks, DPS and healing being prominent. Action tempo is lowered to allow all party members to keep up with each other, not just focused on personal combat.
However, the direction of action still has not really changed. Since it is just the Open Beta now, it is still early to announce all the skills.

Q: Although there is combo in Cabal II, the familiar chained combo is missing.

A: While chained combo is a very fun system, it does not make the whole game. Cabal II originally has chained combo before CBT 2, but we found out that players are too focused on it, hence ignoring map awareness and party members. Cabal II is positioned as a traditional MMORPG, so we eventually we eliminated the feature.
Q: Cabal II has made big changes since Cabal, are there players who complained about them?

A: To say everyone is satisfied with Cabal II would be a lie. There are those who wanted Cabal II to be similar to Cabal, but there are also those who are optimistic about Cabal II’s changes.

Q: In traditional MMORPGs, the endgame content usually comprises of dungeon raids and PvP. What about Cabal II?

A: Our focus for endgame content will be on PvP features, as we want everyone to be able to experience it. During our game planning, we considered gamers’ game time as the main catalyst.
To gather enough players and complete endgame dungeons, it will take a total of around 2 hours, which will place gamers like the working crowd at a disadvantage.

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