Xsyon: Kickstarter Project Now Live

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In order to put out a full version of the game with Xsyon: Apolcalypse, Xsyon needs fans' help. Therefore, they have started a new Kickstarter project to help fund the development and to expand the development team. The project, which was announced last week, is now live.

Xsyon: Apocalypse will inhabit two separate worlds (servers).

  • On one server, players will develop a new world in relative peace without PvP combat.
  • On one server, players will be able to fight over resources, attack cities and conquer tribes with full loot PvP combat.

This will accommodate different play styles and attract both players that enjoy building new worlds and those that enjoy conquering them.

Check out the Xsyon: Apocalypse Kickstarter page for more information.

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