LOTRO Rohan Instance Cluster Released in Two Parts

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LOTRO community manager Sapience delivered some news about the upcoming instance cluster for Riders of Rohan today on the forums. The Rohan Instance Cluster will be split into two releases with the first half coming in Update 9 and the remaining in the next big update. There are 7 new instances total and 3 will be released in Update 9. The remaining 4 will be released in Feb 2013.


Instances shipping with Update 9: Against the Shadow

Riders of Rohan Instances (Part 1):

  • Iorbar's Peak (Misty Mountains / Stone Giants-3-man)
  • Webs of the Scuttledells (Mirkwood 3-man)
  • Seat of the Great Goblin (Goblintown 3-man)

Shipping in 2013 (Currently Planned for February)
Riders of Rohan Instances (Part 2):

  • The Bells of Dale (6-man)
  • Flight to the Lonely Mountain (12-man; single boss)The Fires of Smaug (12-man; single boss)
  • The Battle for Erebor (12-man; single boss)


Players that purchased the Riders of Rohan expansion will have access to all the included instances of the two clusters. Update 9: Against the Shadow is scheduled to hit Bullroarer test server this week.

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