Asura will be Launched in Global Markets

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The leading Chinese game company Tencent has recently announced Asura, its most important self-developed game of the year. Asura has taken five years to develop and will be launched overseas soon. The game producer Walker said that Asura will give players a new kind of game experience with its "Oriental look".

Many online game publishers and distributors, from Europe, America, Korea, Japan and Southeast Asia, have shown interest in Asura after Tencent announced its global operation plan. According to inside information from Tencent, Asura will first be released in Europe and the US.

Asura launches global operation

Asura is an MMORPG game independently developed by Tencent Games, the top game company in China. Tencent has recently ended beta testing of Asura in China where the game drew much attention. The global operation plan, which was made public at the latest Tencent Games Carnival, was formally launched a few days ago.

This is a pioneering step for Chinese online game companies since most Chinese online games that have been exported abroad made their international debut only after running at home for a time. Asura is one of the few games developed in China that will first be released abroad.

Asura CBT in China received favorable responses

The game received overwhelming praise from Chinese players during the recently ended beta test. Major game media in China are also optimistic about the prospects of the game. It is said that because there were so few beta test invite codes issued for Asura they had exchanged hands for extravagant prices on online auction sites in China.

Asura is an MMORPG with a heavy focus on its combat system. Tencent introduced the “Combat 2.0” concept during development of the game. Various technologies such as non-lock on attack, stunning and feedback system, real-time terrain damage, parry, and multiple jumps were introduced. Many of the beta test players agreed that the adoption of these technologies made Asura the first online game where combat experience is comparable to that of classic console games.

Chinese culture will make global waves

Asura is an online game adapted from the traditional Chinese mythology, Journey to the West. The novel is regarded as one of the Four Classics in China, and the protagonist, the Monkey King Sun Wukong, has great influence on Chinese cultural. This mythological figure is very popular in Korea, Japan, and Southeast Asia as well.

In the past, when a Chinese online game is released overseas, often the martial arts culture is the most prominent theme in the game. However, Asura introduces the mythological culture of ancient China to the world. We believe that as the game goes global, more and more western players will become interested in Chinese mythology.

Asura was very well received in the Chinese market and the combat aspects of the game should make it acceptable in the west and other foreign markets. However, whether overseas players can identify with the Chinese mythology or not, still remains to be proven.

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