RaiderZ Interview with the Senior Producer

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Gameforge is proud to announce that RaiderZ, the company's latest massively multiplayer game, has successfully opened the door to all beta testers. RaiderZ has received lots of attention from players. What on earth does this game look like? Let's find out together.


1. MMOsite:First of all, thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions on RaiderZ for us. Could you introduce yourself to our readers?

Hi! Thanks for having me. My name is Mark Hill, and I'm the Senior Producer on RaiderZ. I've been working with the developers of the game for the last two years, and I'm extremely excited to finally release it to the public.

2. MMOsite: How would you describe RaiderZ to someone who has never heard about it before? I am so curious to know how the team sat down and came up with the narrative, the background story and the monsters.

RaiderZ is a monster hunting style MMO set in the Kingdom of Rendel, a land under siege by deadly beasts and creatures. As players progress through the game, successfully hunting these beasts and combating the threat they pose, more details regarding the origin of these monsters will be revealed.


3. MMOsite: Could you give us an idea of what kind of character classes we'll see in the game? How will the players be able to make their characters unique?

When starting a new character, players can choose between the Defender, Cleric, Berserker, or Sorcerer. However, the cool thing about RaiderZ, is that it has what we like to call a 'free form class system.' After reaching level 10, players may begin investing in skills from other classes.

Want a tank-like Defender that's great at taking damage that can also heal? Want strong melee Berserker that can also cast powerful ranged spells? You can do that in RaiderZ!

Of course, players who want to min/max and build a more traditional and focused type of character can do that as well. The type of weapon your player wields also plays a role in the types of attack skills available. So there are tons of options for players to experiment with as they build a character that fits with their preferred play style.

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