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The latest entry of Naoki Yoshida's Live Letter has been posted. Naoki Yoshida is the Producer and Director of Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV). In this letter, he fields many questions from the community about the upcoming A Realm Reborn re-launch. Yoshida tackled several questions that inquired about the start of alpha for EU and NA (currently Japan is the only group testing), content development focus, a roadmap update and lot more.

"We'll temporarily stop alpha testing next week. The test has been taking place on two worlds already, and we’ll pick things up the week after for around five days. If everything looks okay, we’ll move to the global phase the week after that. We’ll probably be keeping the servers open 24 hours for our overseas players and for the aging test, and hope to have everyone participate from 11/26. We're planning to give out a lot of accounts."

Yoshida even takes a moment to address questions about the prospect of bouncing breasts.

"In programming terms, so-called "skeletons" are implemented around the characters breasts. So, yes, they will move.
Actually, they currently move a bit now in the alpha version. We are going to make adjustments to each race to the extent that they aren't over the top."

You can watch the full video below but you'll need to turn on closed caption for English subtitles as the stream is in Japanese. If you don't want to sit through it all there's a list of some of the questions and answers from the stream available here.

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