Genre Spotlight - The MMOFPS: A Rise to Arms!

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Hello, I'm DoubleIcaras and today we're going to take an in-depth look in to the mysterious and misunderstood genre of MMOFPS. I'll start of by talking about what I mean by the term MMOFPS and we'll get in-depth little by little.

An MMOFPS is a Massively Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter; this could strike many games to mind and I would say there are two kinds of MMOFPS; The Lobby Based FPS where you can talk to all of your friends; no doubt some kind of store system which supports free-to-play transactions and maybe a clan tab. On the other hand you have true MMOFPS such as Planetside 2; completely and utterly massive. You do everything “in-game” from buying upgrades to getting in to a squad; but does this make it superior? Let's take a look.



Hawken is a Mech-Based MMOFPS set in a sort of post-apocalyptic world. The environments are very war-torn but the detail that goes in to them are fascinating. I feel like the best way to define this in the easiest way for anyone who hasn't heard anything about this game is Mechwarrior Online vs. Counterstrike it has gameplay elements from both; Fast Frantic CS elements with abilities and art from MWO.

Combat in HAWKEN moves fast, no matter which mech you choose. Sharp instincts and a hair trigger will see you striding over the smoking wreckage of your enemies.



Thrusters give your mech limited flight, adding another dimension to your battles, and in-depth customization of loadouts gives you the flexibility to fight your way.

I really feel like this gives the game some actual credit instead of it being a generic lobby-based MMOFPS with a mech theme. Thought has gone in to its creation and it's honestly aesthetically pleasing.


The game is very easy to get in to; after a couple of deaths you quickly figure out what your enemies where doing to kill you faster and adapt to defeat them faster. What's great about the game is it has a whole backing of lore from novels to comics and in the future even a feature length film.

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