Auto Club Revolution Introduces 'Auto Clubs'

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Famous racing game developer Eutechnyx is excited to announce the first highly-anticipated extension of Auto Club Revolution - 'Auto Clubs'.

Auto Clubs is the brand new feature that bringsplayers together in competitive 'Team Gameplay', an element set to enhance the Auto Club Revolution experience. Auto Clubs gives players the opportunity to create a sub-community withinthe Auto Club Revolution world, to engage and race against players with similar interests and ideas, while earning in-game credits.

Upon achieving Rank 20, the player is given the opportunity to create (for a small Credit fee) or join an existing Auto Club, from where players can 'team up' with fellow Auto Club members to forge a team alliance, racing to bring pride to the Auto Club as a collective.

Joining an Auto Club is a way of growing online identity within Auto Club Revolution, each club has its own emblems to help identify them and within each Auto Club players can participate in races created specifically for their members.

Christoph Vietzke, Executive Producer Auto Club Revolution said:

"Auto Clubs are a hugely valuable mechanic withinAuto Club Revolution. Players are given the opportunity to engage with one another in a new, cooperative way. Showing off their skills, winning new rewards and working together, we want players to feel they are owningtheir clubs.  We want playersto be protective of theirclubs,grow their clubs and treat them as their second home, and we will continually increase functionality so that they can give them the level of customisation to make their clubs prestigious and unique."

Amongst the many exciting elements in joining an Auto Club are 'Auto Club Weekly Payouts' and 'Club Pots', which reward Auto Club members for completing certain objectives within their Auto Club andcontribute any experience earned by participating in events to the 'Club Pot'. If the 'Pot' reaches its target experience total, all contributors receive rewards,contribute enough individually, and a player can earn the title of 'Club Hero'. The title of 'Club Hero' will then be displayed across the Auto Club Revolution, including a banner on your public profile and being displayed next to your name in race hangouts.

Future expansions on Auto Clubs will see club members getting access to discounts on upgrades, accessories, cars and early bird offers on exclusive car rental opportunities, as well as receiving access to unique liveries for in-game use and real world news from manufacturers.

"Auto Club Revolution will always evolve as an experience and we have plenty of exciting projects coming in the near-future that will support and enhance both the single player and multiplayer experience." added Vietzke.

Alongside the Auto Clubs, 10 cars are being made available to buy for Credits, as part of the Cars for Credits campaign. The additional cars include the 2006 Pagani Zonda F from the highest Class in the game and the iconic Class A 2009 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X FQ400. These ultimate machines being made available for Credits will bring a major enhancement to the community.

Auto Clubs and the expansion of the Auto Club Revolution garage aresome of the many new features heading to Auto Club Revolution as it continues to grow and evolve around the fans and motoring industry.
Players can register and play at the official site to try any of the new features and cars available.

Source: Press Release from Auto Club

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