Season Seven Lands in Star Trek Online

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Cryptic studio’s Star Trek online has had a fairly turbulent life. Originally published back in March, 2010 the game struggled financially and in January 2012, updated its servers to include a free-to-play option. Previously, the game implemented the traditional point-and-click method of combat, but with the season four update “cross-fire”, the game introduced a new ground-based shooter mechanic which attempts to mimic other popular third-person shooters.

On the ground, the game kind of plays out like the first Mass Effect title and has similar graphic qualities. The settings, on both ground and in space, are well implemented and suit the game well. Now re-released, the game has been updated to feature new content such as PvP battles, and season seven which includes the final Borg Collective STF mission “Into the Hive”. In addition, fleets will get a new holding, on top of the starbases and an Embassy on New Romulus, located in the new sector block, will also be added. Changes will also be made to Special Force Mission loot drops, eliminating random end-game item drops in favour of a player reputation based system.

The new PvP system includes three different types of combat, which can be broken down as follows: FvK, which might be considered the primary mode of PvP in which players from the Federation are pitched against those from the Klingon Empire; FvF, which is also like a friendly, war-game type scenario in which members of the Federation are able to challenge other Federation players and; KvK which is similar to the above, yet allows members of the Klingon Empire to battle one another in an attempt to gain resources. There are a total of eight new maps, divided over the three PvP match types. Ground maps include: Assimilated Cruiser, Deserted Facility, Ghost Ship , and Shanty Town. Space maps include: Solar Wind, Cracked Planetoid, Briar Patch and, Salvage Operation, used for capture and hold matches.

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