Dungeon & Fighter: News on Female Slayer and Male Slayer

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During the Dungeon & Fighter Festival 2012 Event this past weekend, the confirmed date for Female Slayer was announced, which is Dec.20th,2012. And the 2nd awakening for the Male Slayer was also teased to an excited crowd.

Like the previous new classes, the Female slayer has her own storyline, not just a simple male-to-female skin change. There are 2 advance classes introduced, the Sword Master and Demon Slayer. The Sword Master is more focused on physical fencing attacks and changing elemental attributes of the sword, while the Demon Slayer utilizes magic attacks with aid from the underworld, including changing her sword into a whip.

The 2nd awakening for the Male Slayer also unveiled its secret. These new awakenings are the advancements of Grand Master, Soul Reaper, Hell Bringer and Dark Knight respectively. They will be added to the Korean server in January next year. Check out the trailer below to know more about the awakening.

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