First Multi-hero Battle MMORPG -- Infinity Hero Debuts

By chanelluoDate: 11-11-2012 Views:


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Veiled in the mysterious mists, "Infinty Hero" has finally launched its amazing trailer at G-Star to show off the secrets in Pandora's box. The game is described as "world's first multi-hero battle MMORPG", from the teaser trailer you can see the fierce battles among six heroes. The game basically merged elements of Torchlight II, League of Legends and some Diablo III into 1 messy puddle.

"Infinty Hero" is a fantasy MMORPG developed by Chinese game company Limao Network. It featured the multi-hero battle in a MMORPG, the simple control can bring players exciting gameplay experience. Gamers are able to play various heroes to explore the grand new world in Infinty Hero.

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