The Monetary Model within Age of Wushu

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Snail Games is excited to present the closed Beta for Age of Wushu. The first realistic Martial Arts MMORPG to be released in North America, the first closed beta test starts this November.

Taking place during the Ming Dynasty era of China, Age of Wushu shows an epic and genuine Wuxia world. The developers spent 5 years creating a massive cultural sandbox in hopes of exciting an MMO audience bogged down by repetitive fantasy games. During this development process, the creative team set out to challenge the existing in game economic molds of Free-to-Play games as well. The goal was clear: construct the monetization process so it would enhance the players experience without altering the game itself.

What is for sale

One of the biggest questions leading up to the launch of Age of Wushu is in regards to the monetization model within the game. While Age of Wushu is a Free-to-Play Game, there will be purchasable options available to players who wish to spend. These options include Membership opportunities, in game currency, and a virtual item shop where players are able to purchase items, clothing, and mounts that serve as vanity items for their avatar. The VIP/Membership program offers offline cultivation (a unique method to train skills), Offline-Stalls (a storefront that sells goods crafted by the player while signed out), and much more.

Another unique set of items sold in the virtual store are actual in game Martial Arts Skills. These skills cannot create an amazing powerful character on their own, and are carefully balanced to not interfere with gameplay. They are low-level skills that feature interesting animations, and are based on Martial Arts moves that carry great cultural significance. It is up to the player, as with all the other skills that they pick up, to train and master those skills for maximum effectiveness. Skill is the only determining factor in deciding a victor.

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