Perfect World International: the Sirens of War

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War is coming to Perfect World International (PWI) with the upcoming release of Perfect World Entertainment's latest major expansion for its free-to-play, fantasy MMORPG, PWI: Sirens of War . Starting on November 14, 2012, players can look forward to enhanced class skills, brand new quests, and an all-new battlefield PvP system that will test even the mightiest adventurers.


"PWI: Sirens of War will bring some incredible updates to PvP combat, enhancing player skills across the board and adding 'Nation Wars,' a brand new battlefield PvP system," says Product Manager Tony Liu. "With new features and systems specifically designed to streamline the combat and leveling experience, especially in regards to PvP, PWI: Sirens of War will also introduce new weapons, armor, fashion items, mounts, pets, and more."


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