GW2 - Why Dynamic Levels Are Awesome

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Guild Wars 2 implements a very dynamic level system, which grants a lot of awesome benefits to the game for both newer players, as well as more experienced ones. Let's take a look at what makes the dynamic levels so great! After, we're going to look at some notes that you will want to keep in mind when utilizing the system.

It Works Both Ways

Not only are higher levels scaled down to lower levels, but in some cases the lower levels are boosted to higher levels! This is true all the time for World vs. World combat, and has also been the case for the Halloween event, where players, regardless of level, had their stats boosted to that of a level 80. This leads us on to the next major benefit.

Events Can Include Everyone

Rather than having to make multiple events for various level brackets, greatly reducing the amount of content for players, everyone is able to take part in the same things. As a great example of this, the Mad King's instance (part of the Halloween event). In this instance, players, whether level 2 or level 80 can all take part and all contribute to the success of the dungeon. In other games, there would either be multiple watered-down instances (due to having to make more than one to account for everyone) or a lot of players wouldn't even be able to take part (due to having only one instance and requiring a high level). The dynamic levels in this sense ensure everyone can take part, regardless of their level.

Experience or Re-Experience Low Level Content

For players like myself, clearing all of the end-game gets a little repetitive. To help keep from doing the same thing over and over, I often end up being forced to make alternate characters for lower level content. This is because while I like experiencing lower level stuff again, I don't want to one-hit everything either. The dynamic levels allow going to any lower level zone and still having a bit of a challenge. While this is true, though, all new skills (such as level 80) are available when dropped to a lower one, so it is still easier, but it's not even close to being a steamroll.

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