Sevencore Launches New Class and Race with Shadow Crusade

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Mountain View, Calif. – November 6, 2012 A new army enters the war in Shadow Crusade, the first update to launch for Sevencore today, November 6.  Join the battle with the petite but powerful new Aimon race, annihilate enemies as the new assassin class, and utilize brand new game systems including Materialization and the thrilling new PvP arena Battlefield.

The Aimon, once a peaceful race from the Eastern Continent, now stand ready to join the Grand Cross Alliance in the ever escalating war against the Amaad. Spurred to assist their allies the Nuuk, who once saved them from a horrific extinction, these minute creatures often go underestimated against unsuspecting foes. Special racial abilities allow the Aimon to increase the max energy of their mounts during travel, and while not in combat 5% of their max health regenerates every five seconds making them critical reinforcements in battle.

Deliver the deadliest blows with the new assassin, a powerful melee class specializing in incredibly high critical chance and dodge rates.  Available to all races, the assassin has the innate ability to outmaneuver foes and decimate enemies using dual claws or daggers. Those brandishing claws will excel at taking down small armies, using various quick attacks and abilities that boost critical hits.  Dagger assassins will be ideal for single target damage, cloaking themselves for the chance at fatal stealth attacks.

Shadow Crusade additionally introduces various new systems including Materialization, a new crafting system that enables players to create better items from combining old gear. Competitive players can also take a break from destroying the Amaad and instead clash against their friends on the Battlefield, a new PvP arena that pits 10 players against each other on two engaging maps. Collect Staging Points to accelerate the team’s score, or simply decimate the opposing team to rack up points.  Winning players will earn Victory Points that can purchase powerful weapons, armor, and even rare mounts.

Find out more about these changes, including the level cap increase to 95 that introduces hundreds of new quests and an exciting new zone, on the official Sevencore website!

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Sevencore will immerse players in a war-torn world filled with intrigue, rebellion, and ancient mysteries. Battle on land, sea, and sky on the backs of over 40 mounts! Mounts can fight beside their master or ride directly into battle with their own unique skills and abilities. The most powerful warriors can band together in guilds that fight for control of territory in large-scale Occupation Wars, with the winner claiming the right to rule their entire region.

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