Star Trek Online: State of the Game on November

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Executive Producer Daniel Stahl has posted his November State of the Game update to discuss what lies ahead for Star Trek Online (STO). Season 7: New Romulus is nearing completion and will bring a host of new features and content to the game that includes new missions, a personal progression system to compliment the Fleet system, Special Task Force changes, story and missions relating to the construction of the new Romulan homeworld, New Romulus, a new adventure zone designed for Vice Admiral/ Lieutenant General ranked players.

Designed for max-level captains of both the Federation or Klingon Empire
Zone challenges balanced for captains plus one away team member
Earn Reputation tier to unlock full away-team missions to help uncover the planet’s troubled past
Area events provide quick Reputation gains for cooperative groups
Obtain new special rewards and gear sets as a benefit for aiding the people of New Romulus

Additionally, players can expect to see Q return in December for more holiday event fun. Read the full update for all the latest details.

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