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A new trailer for NHN Hangame Korea's upcoming oriental fantasy MMORPG called Asta The War of Tears and Winds is just released. This game is also part of Hangame's line up for GStar 2012.


The upcoming title is heavily focused on its' RvR content and features a lot of playable races between the two factions. One of the faction names is called Asu (Light) and their playable races are Human, Yong (Dragon), and Ho (Tiger). Then the opposing faction is called Hwangchun (Dark) and their playable races are Dokkaebi (Japanese Oni), Yayo (Descendants of Ancient Fox), and Human.

First revealed way back at G*Star 2010, Asta will be the main attraction for Hangame's booth this year. Developed using CryEngine 3, it is supposedly the Asian version of World of Warcraft, with better graphics of course. After a couple of years being polished, I wonder how will the game look like this time round.

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