World of Tanks 8.0 Update – Is It Good?

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World of Tanks had a massive update to version 8.0 not too long ago, optimizing several features and adding new tanks to the game. Many of you may have been on the fence about whether or not you should bother playing World of Tanks. Whether you were turned off to the idea by the title of the game or even by friends' opinions, maybe this update can change your mind.

In case you are not familiar with World of Tanks, here is a short summary. You start the game with only a few tanks at your disposal. You click the “Battle” button and you are instantly put into one of two teams for a match. The realism of the tanks can be hard to get used to at first, and you may die easily your first few matches. In World of Tanks, if you die you can not respawn and instead your tank must wait out the rest of the match.

However, this is the reason you start with multiple tanks. You can exit out of the match without losing anything and start a new match with a different tank to keep the action going. This is not the most fast-paced game you will ever play but, once you get good at it and unlock better tanks and crew members, it reveals itself to be rife with strategy and teamwork that you seldom see in games of this genre.

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