New Class "Troubadour" Coming to Aion 4.0

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Following the release of the handsome Shooting Star, NCsoft has announced another new class for Aion 4.0 -- Troubadour. As you can see from the concept art below, the new class is characterized for music and magic, of course her stunning beauty.A new preview of the upcoming class has been posted to the Aion website with more details about what to expect from the troubadour.

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 ◇ The Troubadour uses magical melodies and songs to heal group members, and weaken or attack enemies.

 ◇ Though Troubadours have healing powers, they're not just support! They could be a real force in PvP...

 ◇ Troubadour can be compared to a cross between cleric and spiritmaster.

 ◇ The class's "skill tempo" isn't fast, and though Troubadours are (currently) not a difficult class to play, they can be very adaptable to the needs of the group.

 ◇ Troubadours wear cloth armor.

That's all the info we have for now! What do you think of this new class? Will you play a Troubadour?

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