Gods Fighting? Smite Wows!

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What will flash through your mind when talking about MOBA (Multiplayer online battle arena)? Maybe just the formula – lanes, creeps, bases, heroes and quite static framework, which has an emphasis on team-work and player input. Well, what can we expect from so many MOBA titles? Here we have Smite, Hi-Rez's upcoming MOBA, doing a big change for us.

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Typically all DOTA-esque games are top-down, but Smite abandons that and offers a third-person, action-based view. The difference between moving around with WASD instead of clicking a million times every second is astonishing. Besides that, you take control of Gods from a wide variety of world religions, such as Greek, Egyptian, Norse, Chinese and Hindu faiths. Who aren't willing to be a God?


Gods Board. Cupid is the cutest God.  


Smite is essentially a race to escort your troops through the map and to kill the guardian of the enemies base, and thus win the match. Teams of five must push lanes, down defensive towers, and overrun the enemy base while taking out Phoenix defenses - powerful fiery turrets - and the base's boss, a tough high-level minotaur that can decimate an ill-equipped team in seconds. However, you can't see through walls, so you don't know what's on the other side of a lane, which the third-person view has a dramatic effect on map awareness. When in the jungle areas, a heavy fog reduces visibility greatly, where third-person view makes the gameplay more complicated. Paying attention to the minimap and team communication are more essential than ever.

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