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Another new month comes, another new page of anticipated MMOs arrives. Have you found your favorite game after your busy work? Give yourself a short break and let's see the top 8 new MMOs coming last month. Welcome to leave your comment and express your own opinion here, now, get to the point!

NO.8 Wizardry Online

After a year's long waiting, the Japanese hardcore fantasy MMORPG Wizardry Online has finally been announced closed beta for English version by SOE last month. Nice graphics, free anming and puzzle solving, all these elements bring players into an adventures journey in the fantasy world. The game was launched in Japan in October 2011 and received good feedbacks, now the game is waiting for the test by the western market.

The dungeon based MMORPG allows players to choose from 5 races and 4 different classes. Each dungeon in Wizardry Online can accommodate 30 to 100 players at the same time. Players have to team up in order to enter a dungeon to fight against monsters. After obtaining equipment or weapons, players have to return to the village to appraise them. Wizardry Online offers several dungeons for players to explore. In order to get across some places or traps, players have to press specified switches. In addition, players will have a chance to experience height differences. If players fall from a high place, their HP will decrease, so watch out! Interested players can still signup for the beta by visiting the official site.


NO.7 Steal Fighter

This game we are going to discuss about is neither a role playing game nor a shooter, featured as a arena –style MMO, Steal Fighter is an Korean Action MOBA from L.Time Games. Dota fans and PvP lovers should never miss this game. Check out the trailer below


Steal Fighter has a special combo system and "stealing" skills. Players can "steal" and use boss skills during fights with them. Steal Fighter currently has 4 character classes and the debut trailer focuses mainly on combat and the PvE mode bosses.

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