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Gamers who love PVP (Player vs Player) action and participate in massive nation battles should now rejoice! Tahadi Games, publisher of many hit Arabic localized MMoG is back again with another MMoRPG classic hitz – Knight Online. Knight Online is heralded as one of the most popular MMoRPG with successful PVP elements.

Knight Online puts the player in an on-going war between the Human nation of El Morad and Orc like nation of Karus. Once a side is chosen, they can earn ranks by killing members of the opposing faction during the Lunar Wars. Players who became the veteran of the war and earned the highest rank will be decorated by the king, and given the rights to rule castles! A nice twist to the PVP event is how the victorious faction gets to invade the losing faction's nation, causing havoc and occupying villages as they move along.

Knowing that the gamers in the MENA region are highly competitive players, Tahadi Games thinks that Knight Online will enjoy great success. Further than that, Tahadi Games is in discussion with other regional Knight Online community to arrange for periodical online massive battles between the Arab , Turkish, Europe and American regions! Winners in these regional competition can expect to be rewarded greatly both in game and in prizes.

As a household name across many region for years, players of Knight Online can also look forward to compete globally in the form of a clan. Each year, developer MGame would host a Knight Online World Championship which pits the strongest clan or faction in Knight Online across the globe against each other. Victorious knights can expects lots of community recognition and marvelous prizes.

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