Hello MMO – September New MMO Collection (Part I)

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With the coming of September, everything seems to be so busy but rich. As a student, have you started your busy school work? As a movie lover, have you picked out your favorite one in this busy movie season? As a gamer, I guess you've already smelt the scent of the wars in the MMO world, so which army have you chosen during this busy gaming war? As the saying goes, "Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying". Here you are going to see the NO.6- NO.10 new MMOs in this month, and the top 5 New MMO List will come out soon, feel free to pick out your favourite one!

NO.10  Xulu Universe

Physics simulation is at the core of the experience in this game, so things behave naturally and spontaneously. Sounds unique huh? Keep on reading to know more. Not only does this make in-game interaction fun and keep things fresh, but it also helps you connect to the dynamics of life. This is from the upcoming f2p MMO Xulu Universe, a physics-based virtual world.
Xulu Universe is seeking alpha players with a penchant for creativity. Using a robust suite of unique design and sharing tools, inhabitants can create, share and enjoy a wide range of games and virtual environments. Interested players can begin their journey in the Xulu Universe by signing up and downloading the game client for free at the official website.

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