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During the past week, I guess all of the players have been impressed by one or more new mmos in this hot summer season. Here in our new column, we are going to make a list of the weekly Top 10 new mmos to convey the latest information and game trends for you. Let's just come to the point.

No.10  MechWarrior Online

MechWarrior Online

MechWarrior Online is a real-time game where one day in the real world is equal to one day in the game. January 1, 2012 is equal to January 1, 3049. You, will take the role of piloting BattleMechs, and can align themselves with one of the Great Houses, form their own Mercenary Corporation, or play as a lone wolf. Of note for this particular timeline in the MechWarrior universe is the impending arrival of the Clans upon the Inner Sphere Houses. Now that this robot war has announced beta schedule, get yourself ready to take control of a huge giant! What's more, there's even a Mech Lab for customization of the MechWarriors, go design your giant and fire the MechWarrior Universe.


NO.9    End of Nations

The world is at peace — until unexpected financial collapse sweeps standing governments from control. Amid anarchy and terrorism, the United Nations restores order and takes over much of the world under their new name: the Order of Nations. Two groups, the Liberation Front and the Shadow Revolution, rise to fight to topple the Order of Nations, and each other. Chaos reigns. Fight for freedom or fight for control. This is the End of Nations.You can still grasp this opportunity to get a closed beta key to take part in this battle against the enemy.

What makes hero units and mercenary companies so unique in the Free-to-Play online military strategy game End of Nations? Their capacity to wield special strategic and combative abilities across the field of battle, for one. End of Nations' newest Developer Diary video "In the Company of Heroes and Mercenaries" explains and demonstrates how these special units can be the key to overcoming any adversaries on the battlefield.

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