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Kali, the newly revealed class of Dragon Nest, has gathered high popularity recently. After showing in ChinaJoy a few days ago, most of DN fans won't feel strange to this super sexy dancer/screamer with either the fan (magic damage) or chakram (physical damage) in hand.

According to the official advancement routes above, we can see that Kali -> Screamer -> Dark Summoner/ Souleater is available now. Souleater is the interesting one, with the “real” ability to summon spirits which will stay by the character’s side. Kali was added to Dragon Nest Taiwan a couple of days back, so we are able to catch a glimps of the Kali gameplays from Cinderboy's blog. Check them out!

From the gameplay, kali's normal attack is quite interesting and confusing from her attack voice "hu ha hu" and the weak damage done to the enemies. In short, players will have to get used to how far the normal attack’s distance is with each click.

There is also this whirlwind skill which, well, does a circular AOE. But like the normal attack, it has to be timed properly since any enemies within the circular effect zone will not get hit.

Kali is sort of a “dark mage” class, with her skills mostly filled with that black purple-ish color. Classified as a summoner, she does not really “summon” creatures, but they are actually part of her skill effects.

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