DN Movie: Rise of the Black Dragon Welcomes Opening Ceremony

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As one of the most popular 3D MMOs in China, Dragon Nest welcomes its movie: Rise of the Black Dragon's opening ceremony. The movie producer Mili Pictures makes appearance in the ceremony with the movie trailer and the working group.
Shanda Games aims to make a successful movie based on the popular game Dragon Nest and they invited the screenwriter for the Hollywood animation movie "Shrek", Terry Izumi. The movie will fully reveal the grand game world and the exciting storyline in the game. As the first part of the movie trilogy, Rise of the Black Dragon will be finished and showed next year.

Chinese government made a policy to forbid turning games into movies, yet Shanda CEO expressed the news was only a rumor and the movie they are making is quite positive and international, there's no reason to be forbidden.

Shanda seems to be quite confident about the box office, "The game has so many players, we don't worry about the money at all. We can handle everything with DN as the base and we believe it would make good profits after it appears in the market."

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