TERA Updates New Skills for Lancers and Warriors

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With the Argon Queen update, warriors and lancers get new skills for their already-impressive arsenals. From Reaping Slash to Wallop, read on for how you'll be even thougher and deadlier when The Argon Queen arrives.



Dodging around the battlefield is an effective way to avoid a boss monster's damage, but now it's not the only way. Many of the warrior's new skills give you battlefield control by letting you tank in one place.

TERA Warrior

Cross Parry: Raise both swords to block an enemy's attacks. Works only in defensive stance, and lasts as long as the skill is engaged. Drains Resolve while active.

Smoke Flanker: Summons a creature made of smoke at your location, then moves you behind your enemy as the smoke flanker takes over your aggro.

Reaping Slash: A Spinning attack that deals extra damage when your Edge stack is more than three.


The Lancer has always excelled at fighting whatever]s in front of them, but now added ways for them to deal with attacks from the sides and rear and improved theri efficiency in soloplay.

TERA Lancer

Wallop: You jump forward and slam your shield against the ground, knocking down nearby enemies. Works even better after a Charging Lunge, SHield Barrage, Debilitate, Shield Counter, or Spring Attack.

Backstep: Leap backward to get away from an enemy perhaps in preparation for a charge!

Additionally, the new skills will consume the new Resolve resource, which will become the resource for your defensive skills and help free up your MP fro more offensive attacks.

You can read more the update on the Argon Queen Page.

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