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According to the information from Cherrycredits, Dragon Nest is holding lots of summer events for DN fans to have fun in the sun. So let's take a quick look!

1. Welcoming Summer Everyday: A Daily Log-in Event

Embrace the warmth of the sun in Lagendia everyday and get rewarded. Simply login to the game daily to get rewarded!

Prize: Cool Ice Box Loaded With These Goodies!

How To Receive Ice Box

Mechanics At A Glance:

 • Cool Ice Box 2012 will be given for daily log in action during the event period
 • Log-in days are accumulated
 • Log-in for consecutive days for more rewards:

ONE Cool Ice Box 2012 will be given for the 1st to 3rd day of login. If you continue logging in daily from the 4th to 10th day, you will receive TWO Cool Ice Boxes each day. If you continue logging in daily from the 11th to 20th day, you will receive THREE Cool Ice Boxes each day. Keep up the good work and login from the 21th to 30th day and you’ll receive FOUR Cool Ice Boxes each day! This means that by logging in daily throughout the event period, you can receive a grand total of 87 Cool Ice Boxes! AWESOME!

However, please take note that if you miss a single day of login, your login count will reset back to 1.

2. Summer Quack Attack: Kill The Crazy Ducks!

Gimme an ‘S’, ‘U’, ‘M’, ‘M’, ‘E’, ‘R’! Get ready for some quackin’ fun as you hunt Crazy Ducks for the letters to the word SUMMER.

3. Juicy Sweet Summer: Grab Your Water Melon Hat Event!

Got all your SUMMER initials? Head over to to exchange for an exclusive Cool Watermelon Hat for both you and your pet. You can even hunt for extra letters so you can exchange the SUMMER letters TWICE with Events Planner Irine to receive an UNLIMITED Cool Watermelon Hat for you and your pet! NOW you are all ready for summer!

Got extra letters? Exchange each initial with Events Planner Irine for 1 Summer Event Box each!

Cute Bunny Tail can be obtained from the Summer Event Box.
Bunny Headband can be obtained from the Cool Ice Box 2012.
Combine them and hop away in your new adorable Bunny Set!

For more information about the events, you can check the official fansite FAQ.

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