Dragon Nest in ChinaJoy: Animated Movie Debut, Cool Character Cosplay

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The four-day game festival ChinaJoy has come to its ending, Dragon Nest has brought its fans a feast of surprises and happiness. The highly anticipated animated movie "Rise of the Black Dragon" made its debut. And the handsome NPC Geraint's coser has come to the DN booth winning girls' screams, and the cosplay of the new class "Kali" also performed a dance. Don't miss any detail!

The first part of the Dragon Nest trilogy animated movie "Rise of the Black Dragon" is officially released. Rise of the Black Dragon is being penned by Terry Izumi, who is well known in the Hollywood animated movie scene. The music composer is someone recommended by US pop music celebrity, Akon. Check it out right now!


Different from the sexy showgirls from other games, Dragon Nest's famous NPC Geraint's coser Leo gathered all girls' attention, his handsome look and cool expressions fit Geraint so well, no wonder so many female gamers head straight for DN's booth without hesitation.

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The Kali's cosplay catched lots of attention when she appeared on the stage, the graceful dance and the powerful skills make this class quite popular. The coser's nice figure suits the character perfectly.



Here are some other cosplay shows of Dragon Nest:

The Dragon Nest Asian Cup Tournament has also broken the tie, China has defeated Korea, Singaopore, Malaysia and becaome the final winner of the Asian Cup.

How do you like these dolls? Crazy duck or Berlin? Tell your favorite!

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