Langrisser Schwarz (CN) Alpha Phase First Look

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Developed by Gamania and revealed way back in 2010, it has been 2 years since and oddly, Langrisser Schwarz launched its Alpha phase with exclusive accounts in China first, despite the voice-overs being all in Japanese. This is just an early look at the Alpha phase.

Character creation

Customization is pretty limited, similar to a group of roleplaying video games out there, there are a number of questions which players must answer before being assigned a character class. There are 6 in total, you can see that there are many other advancements for either of the 6 paths/ classes, which makes the game even more intriguing.


The Dark force town is pretty... Well, gloomy. There is nothing really exciting about here, maybe except it screams "boring" in a pretty loud way and is kind of just a circular cathedral or a plaza.


Langrisser Schwarz is an instanced dungeon-based MMO, much like Dragon Nest. Each class will have their own unique mercenaries, new ones which can be bought. In combat, players can choose to put them in 1 of the 3 modes, either defensive, passive or attacking. Defensive will be the best choice, since passive means they do nothing while attacking means they will just hit and aggro the first enemies within range. This is just the Alpha phase of the game, a very early build which will be far from the release state.

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