Whimsical Weapon Skins Available In Tera

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En Masse Entertainment has updated the lattest creative Whimsical Weapon Skins, players can buy them in the item mall for Tera.

The new Whimsical Weapon Skins included skins that can change the look of any ordinary weapon to things ranging from a slingshot to a drill bit to a plucky princess wand. Each retails for $9.99.

Fight with a flight of whimsy
The Whimsical Weapons skins give you the last laugh, whether you’re shooting shurians with a Slingshot or proving that revenge is best served cold with Death by Ice Cream. Like the prestige weapon skins, these items are non-tradable, non-sellable, and one-time-use items, but they will persist through your level progression and weapon changes.
The Whimsical Weapons skins are available for purchase through the En Masse store for a limited time. Don’t miss out on your chance to look like nine pounds of crazy in a five-pound bag!

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