Earthrise Free-to-play Switch Confirmed

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The pay-to-play faction will soon lose another member. Masthead Studios announced that starting from December 1, Earthrise will remove the monthly fee for everyone who has already bought the game. In the beginning of next year, the game will finally transfer to free-to-play model.


According to Masthead's CEO Atanas Atanasov, they realized that the game "is missing polish and has annoyances that spoil the fun in the game" and it's not a good idea to charge players monthly fee when Earthrise is not at the quality state that can satisfy both developer and customers, thus, the monthly fee is abolished. After Earthrise reaching the developer's quality goals, the game will formally carry out a free-to-play model.


Atanasov added that the free-to-play model will offer convenience for players, but it won't be the pay-to-win type that can ruin the gamepay balance. Before the relaunch of F2P Earthrise, there will be an invited beta test.

Source: Earthrise forum

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