The Skyrim Nude Mod just Came out at the right time

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Date: 11-14-2011 Views: loading

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim just released a few days ago and it reached about 250,000 concurrent Steam users on the first day, and it seems that the latest episode of Elder Scrolls also gets very positive review from the major video game sites. Just like its prequels, skyrim supports mod and there've been some mods available in the Internet, and among those mods, nude mod is the one many Skyrim players will be interested in.


If you played Oblivion or Fallout 3, you won't be surprised by the existence of nude mod, and you won't doubt the quality of the various nude mods that created by those "kind-hearted" guys. You can search for Skyrim nude mods in google, or simply head to to download them. If you use it, don't forget to make a backup copy of the original files, and watch out for your girlfriend and your mom. XD





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