Archlord X Interview: No Punishment for Death in PvP Battles

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Korean online game veteran WEBZEN has confirmed that its developing 3D MMO Archlord X: The Chronicles(Official Site:, which was just unveiled under the code name Xenocide in March this year, will make public appearance with its companion piece Archlord 2 at Gstar 2011. Right before the grand Korean game show opens, Mr. Hong, the chief designer of Archlord X attended an interview, unveiling some information about this game in advance. Following are details:

Archlord X: The Chronicles screenshot

Reporter: What kind of game Archlord X is? Compared with other MMOs, what is its specialty? And what is the connection between Archlord X, Archlord 2 and the early Archlord?

Hong: the background story of Archlord X is the continuation of Archlord. After 100 years, the continent is occupied by several races and Archlord X will theme on the confrontation between different races. Players will experience an unprecedented race war in the latest game. Archlord 2, however, will focus more on the PvE contents. Although they have similar background story, they will offer totally different gaming style and contents.

Archlord X: The Chronicles screenshot

Reporter: When did you begin the Archlord X project? How is the development going now? And what makes you decide to publish this game worldwide simultaneously instead of trying it in Korea first?

Hong: It is hard to explain the exact progress of the development. What I can tell is the team is trying as best as they could to bring this game to players in 2012. The main reason why we choose global publishing is that we think Archlord X is a western-style game. We would like to hear more feedback and then make it a better game.

Archlord X: The Chronicles screenshot

Page 2: Background and main storyline of Archlord X

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