Unveiled, a Mix of Reality and Virtuality

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Unveiled, a modern & fantasy MMORPG that was made public by the emerging game company Maverick Studios last week, catches lots of players' eyes and has recently released an official trailer. Now, let's check out the trailer of the new game that takes werewolves, vampires and supernatural elements as its selling points!

★ Real vs. Virtual

On the basis of the modern world, Unveiled will enable players to travel between the real and virtual worlds. After walking through the rusty iron gate in New York, players may face a totally unfamiliar sight other than a foggy street. That's exactly the charm of the game!


In a sense, Unveiled is set in a world similar to that of the PnP game World of Darkness from USA-based White Wolf.

However, as Maverick Studios' president expressed, Unveiled is set in a fairly massive world which's still not complete and somewhat different from the mature world of World of Darkness. Furthermore, the game will more value human relations and community elements.

Maverick Studios president

★ Personalized Characters

Unveiled features 4 races including hunters, vampires, werewolves and witches, each race bears special characteristics. For example, hunters are in possession of special skills and weapons sensitive to vampires and werewolves, and are capable of locating the two types of foes by means of special magic power. After joining a race, players won't have to choose from among specific classes, but can cultivate their characters at will, e.g. they can make werewolves serve as tanks.

Full SizeUnveiled

Players will also be allowed to learn the skills peculiar to the other races when fighting in PvP or PvE combats.

According to the president, enabling players to choose the growing route freely and bring forth personalized characters is part of the alleged gaming fun. Players can make any decisions and learn the other races' skills on the road of advancement, which can thus secure against class imbalance common in other games.


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