The 18 Highly Anticipated MMORPGs Selected By Korean Players [Part 1]

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The competition in the MMORPG market has gotten remarkably intense in the recent years with more and more top notch games being developed or preparing to hit the market. Recently, Korean players selected 21 MMORPGs that are highly anticipated both in Korea and the world wide. Do note that this is not a top 21 list, so they are organized in a random order. Let's take a look at them!

Blade & Soul

Develop company: NCsoft

Anticipated launch date: Q1, 2012

Blade & Soul (KR) - Closed Beta Footage

For more Blade & Soul videos

Anticipated reasons: Undoubtedly, Blade & Soul will appear in this list. The famous South Korean illustrator Kim Hyung Tae has been engaged in the development, therefore, Blade & Soul displays a groundbreaking oriental martial arts style other than the familiar western fantasy style.

Blade & Soul

Being developed for almost 5 years, the biggest difference between Blade & Soul and other games lies in its combats and quests which are the most important elements for a RPG. Moreover, the story in Blade & Soul will progress in a way totally different from other MMORPGs. And the things in the game will evolve with the progress of the story.

Blade & Soul

Guild Wars 2

Develop company: NCsoft's subsidiary ArenaNet

Anticipated launch date: 2012 with 1st cbt probably in November 2011

Guild Wars 2 - GamesCom 2011: Complete Press Demo with Developer Commentary

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Anticipated reasons: As the sequel of Guild Wars, Guild Wars 2 has been developed by ArenaNet for almost 5 years. Laying stress on teamwork and integrating first-person role play system, Guild Wars 2 allows players to experience distinct game modes between solo play and group play. The innovative dynamic event system, world PvP, no grind-based gameplay and the unique housing system are all the shining points of Guild Wars 2.

Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2

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