Rough-and-tumble Action MMO Gladius Unveiled The 1st Screenshots

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Rough-and-tumble action MMO Gladius, developed by Korea-based TongYang Games, unveiled its first screenshots today.

Players are able to take a first look at key features, systems, style and etc. of Gladius from the screenshots unveiled today. Gladius highlights different experience of gladiator's bloody and great world in Roman Era basing on the rough-and-tumble action genre.

Gladius screenshot0

Gladius' game mode includes clan battle, battle royal and team death match. The versus mode can show off gladiator's charm most. The clan battle is a mode for representative gladiators to fight for their honor.

Especially, battle royal allows 6 players to participate in and only select a winner in the end so as to stimulate the win-lose rate. Team death match asks for 3 players to perform a perfect teamwork. Loss or win rests with the result of 3 vs.3 players' battle, so that the teamwork stratagem is very important.

Gladius screenshot

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