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Immediately after being announced at Blizzcon 2011, Blizzard DOTA aroused the attention of players around the world as an internally-developed StarCraft 2 mod.

[BlizzCon 2011] Blizzard DoTA - Preview Trailer

So, how is Blizzard DOTA different from such games as Dota 2 and League of Legends. Can Blizzard bring players fresh and satisfactory gaming experiences? Now, let's check out what is special about Blizzard DOTA together!

According to the official info, Blizzard DOTA ties a mount system. Mounts will enable players to move faster and look more charming.

Full SizeBlizzard Dota

The monster system in Blizzard DOTA is totally different too. For example, after being knocked down, monsters in the wild won't die but will help kill foes or push towers as players' teammates. Such monsters include ogres that players can confront independently, troggs that need to be beaten down by 3 players at least, and some mighty bosses.

Full SizeBlizzard Dota

After being defeated and joining players, common monsters will emerge on the map as little points, while bosses will emerge on the mini map as big red skeletons.

Besides, Blizzard DOTA simplifies and adjusts its systems, in order for players to end each match more efficiently.

Full SizeBlizzard Dota

Blizzard DOTA's defensive towers are somewhat weaker than those in other DOTA-style games. Players' last hit on creep minions or enemy heroes won't gain extra Exp, but can only receive magic balls which can help recover HP and MP. "Hit and kill" will be replaced by "killed", this is, the system will distribute Exp to those involved in the killing evenly for fear of kill stealing.

Full SizeBlizzard Dota

According to Blizzard, Blizzard DOTA will be totally free to play, and players can just experience this new mod in Starcraft 2.Some players had tried out Blizzard DOTA at Blizzcon 2011, and it's believed that players can enjoy its formal version soon.

Full SizeBlizzard Dota

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